Is a single soul dwelling in two body


Hajj Party 2013-2014

First Day Stars 2.. Back to school

End of term Party (31-12-2014)

Honouring Top Students Stars2 2015

Agyad Camp

Welcome Party 2014

New Year Party K.Gs(1-1-2015)

Graduation Party 2016

1st Parent's Meeting (from Prim.1 To 2nd Sec.)

New Suez Canal (25/9/2014)

welcome Party second-term(10\2\2015)

Journalists with Mrs. Nahla

Art Activity

Hajj Party (1/10/2014)

Secondary students visiting the (BUE)

This is how STARZIANS are uniquely received


Hajj Party2 (2/10/2014)

Honouring Top students in Mid-Year Exams(23-2-2015)

Hats Day

STARS Final Football League

Smart Camp (18-10-2014)

Honouring Top Students Stars2 (24-2-2015)

Sports Day 2016-2017

Paint Ball Trip2013

Kidzania Trip (27-10-2014)

Spelling Bee 4

Hajj Day 2016

2nd Parents Meeting 31-11-2013

Kidzania Trip KG's (28-10-2014)

Graduation Party 2014/2015

Africano Day

Funtazia Day

Egypt Day Stars1 (29-10-2014)

Science Class

Indian Day

K.Gs Welcome Party

@School 2014

Orientation Day 2015

Honoring Day(STARS2)

Primary Welcome Party

Parents Meeting primary stage (29-11-2014)

K.Gs Welcome Party 2015

Spelling Bee 2016-2017

First Day Stars 1..Back to school

Fun Day (12\12\2014)

Welcome Party-Primary 2015