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      What's different about STARS
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      Stars Philosophy
  Student learning is the primary goal of the school. A good school teaches children and young adults to become productive members of society. We value the active initiative that a good school provides. A good school provides for a safe and caring environment that allows for a maximum teaching and learning experience. We value a safe and caring environment that allows for learning to be maximized. A successful student values education and gives his/her best effort in achieving his/her personal and educational goals. We value the personal investment of every student in terms of his/her own education. An effective classroom is one that meets the basic educational needs of the individual student. We value the educational needs of each student. A good teacher promotes the development of the student as a person. We value teachers who appreciate students' individuality. A good education fosters the desire and ability to question and interpret the world. We value the lifelong critical spirit and skills that a good education fosters
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