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Admissions Requirements

Welcome to Stars. We appreciate your interest in our school. This information is intended to assist you in assessing which school will best serve the needs of your children. We welcome your questions. Please feel free to email or call us. At Stars, students are at the heart of the educational experience. We believe that school should be engaging, stimulating and fun in order for each child to best develop the self-confidence, interpersonal skills and academic foundation for success in rapidly changing world. Here students learn to master content, and to synthesize, apply and make critical judgments about what they learn.

Age Requirement

Pre-school: three years by October 1st of the year of admission.
KG 1: four years by October 1st of the year of admission..
KG 2: five years by October 1st of the year of admission.

Admission Criteria

Our primary goal in the admission process is to asses each applicant's level of readiness for the grade to which he or she is applying. This allows us to place students in the learning environment in which they will be most successful while at our school. Occasionally we find that Stars expectations of students are different from other schools. Because of that all candidates seeking admission to Stars need to schedule an interview with our school administration, to discuss entrance placement and initial academic testing. Stars follows an academic and skills evaluation in order to identify the student's skills, abilities, needs and talents as we plan to provide each student with the individual care that best meets his potentials.

Entrance Policy

Stars offers an Elementary,  Middle & High School Program. Students will advance by successfully completing the learning outcomes for the grade. Admission to any stage will be by successfully completing the exams in English, All students entering Stars will be tested orally and in written form. Pre - School & KG students will be tested in their language, communication, concentration & physical skills by hosting them for two hours with a group of other kids. As for elementary and middle school students, they are tested in Arabic,English and Maths. skills and not curricula.Students of all grades are monitored by a professional psychiatrist who gives a brief report of their social skills and attitude to the school administration as a feedback for the teachers when they first start communicating with them.

To apply you need

1-Original birth certificate computer generated.

 2-Last report stamped from your child previous school.

 3-School transfer paper stamped by the educational district.

 4-Successful statement from the educational district. 

5- Twelve recent personal  photographs. 

6- Complet application form.

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